Success Stories


At Rack City CrossFit, we’re in the business of helping people through the challenges and powerful results of CrossFit. Tell us your success story, because we’d love to share it! Get inspired from these happy members.

  • Jamie Compton

    Great vibes come from Rack City, whether it be the trainers, fellow clients, or just the place itself. I’ve never felt so good about myself and felt 110% confident in putting the outcome of my body and mind in the hands of two amazing people.

  • Aurora Aparicio

    Each workout is fresh and challenging, designed to keep you on your toes and test your strength and athleticism. Whether it’s getting in shape, staying in shape, or training for an event or sport, Rack City is the place to set and crush your goals.

  • Shane Turner

    I’ve been a coach for 4 years now. This is a gym I can call a home away from home. The owner has an extensive background in strength and conditioning with a very open mind. The whole experience was just fantastic. It’ll be my regular drop in when I’m in town, hands down.

  • Peter H.

    I turned 50 in 2016, and 6 months prior to my 50th birthday, I decided to get back into a workout routine. While I have always been active, and an athlete when I was younger, I knew that I had the capabilities and know-how to do what I needed to do. I like to have a guide for my workouts – I’m not one of those people who benefits from simply going to the typical gym, lifting a few weights and running on a treadmill. But I had also been disenchanted by some trainers in the past who had more of their own objectives in mind rather than my own health – hence I suffered strained muscles, a hernia, and ultimately a complete lack of confidence in the people that were to “manage” me.

    Rack City forever changed my outlook on personal training resulting in a complete turn-around in my health, well-being, fitness and overall mind-body-spirit. Peter knows my past ailments, pain points, injuries (current and past) – as he does each of his clients – and because of his educational background he is able to effectively and knowledgeably adapt workouts to avoid otherwise compromising situations. Because of all of this, a 3-time a week regimented workout has been possible, and I am now able to achieve levels which I never expected, and feel better than I have in my entire working life; concurrently, my working life is more successful because of my workout regimen and level of activity. I have never felt so confident of my physical abilities, and most important of all, exclusively because of my experiences with Rack City, for the first time in my life I place my physical needs ahead of most other aspects of my life. It is such an important part of my life that I drive from Jacksonville to St. Augustine three times per week to receive my workouts.

    It has been a true pleasure to be a member of the Rack City family! I would recommend Rack City to anyone that has experienced the doldrums of dreading to go to the gym just to do the typical cardio routine with only nominal results. If you wish to be a part of a family of like-minded individuals, and consistently be challenged to the best of your abilities, by a knowledgeable staff and consistently surpass your physical and mental goals, Rack City will find a place in your heart.

  • Rachael Miller

    When I started going to Rack City I was stressed, out of shape and having a hard time managing work pressure and personal life. I literally stumbled into Rack City one day, tried a class and have been a member ever sense. The place doesn’t feel like a gym. I have always been turned off by gyms. It feels like family. The morning class is a handful of bad ass, strong girls, of different fitness levels that motivate and encourage each other, every morning. No competitive bitch vibes, nothing but positive badassery. No creepy gym dudes, no pressure. Coach Anna and Peter are extremely attentive, ensuring progress and constant consideration of your safety in movements. They get on to you when you miss and make sure to hold you accountable for your fitness…which produces results.

    I genuinely look forward to starting my days at Rack City. The workout increases my energy level for the whole day and completely diffuses any stress I walk in with. . . In 3 months I’m squatting my own body weight and knocking out 12 hour night shifts in the ER with endurance, less fatigue, and a SMILE. If you’re ready for a positive place to work on yourself and develop positive relationships with badass women who WILL hold you accountable, Rack City is the spot for you!

  • Tori Ray

    In the months I have been at Rack City, Coach Peter and Coach Anna have completely reshaped my views of personal fitness. As a creative, my life had become pretty sedentary and I never imagined a day where I’d crave a workout, but I knew for my physical and mental health that I desperately needed a change.

    After my assessment and first session I held immediate trust and respect for Coach Peter and the way he treated his clients. He took the time to understand my health history and never neglects to provide modifications or correction on form to ensure we’re always moving forward instead of backwards. The very same trust and respect applies towards Coach Anna, who’s group workout I now attend in the mornings. It has been incredible to see my body developing strength and endurance under their encouragement and instruction. There hasn’t been a single week that they haven’t taken the time to make sure I’m doing well on my eating and fitness plans.

    I was nervous about a group workout at first, this personal challenge being both mental and physical, but everyone in Rack City family is so encouraging and we have so much fun! They’ve really created an atmosphere where anyone who wants it can come in and safely better themselves. There’s no niche clientele here. You just gotta show up!


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